Canon City, Florence, Penrose, Williamsburg, Wetmore, Coal Creek, and Eastern Fremont County Colorado
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Wireless and Wired High Speed Internet Access
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Wireless FIXED High-Speed Broadband Internet
NOT satellite.
NOT cellular
NOT hot-spots

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As low as $29/month!


Canon City
Coal Creek
Dakota Hideout
Dawson Mountain
Lincoln Park
Locke Mountain
Orchard Park
Prospect Heights
3 Mile Park
4 Mile Area
CR-67 south to Wetmore Oak Creek Grade
Coyote Canon Road
Siloam Road

and more!
Normally refered to as "Fixed Broadband Wireless", this is true reliable wireless high-speed service that you can use for your home or office. Available within about a 25 mile radius of central Canon City, Florence and Penrose. It is NOT Wi-Fi. It's carrier grade wireless broadband. If you have line-of-site access to one of our towers (this service requires a small high-gain antenna installation on your building), we can provide Internet access at speeds up to 25 Mbps (25,000Kbps), about 500 times faster than dial-up. Plans start at 2 mbps (2 megabits/second) for as little as $29 per month for light users and can be as fast as 25 Mbps at higher subscription rates. We can even do up to 50 mbps for commercial links. This is superior to satellite because our circuit latency is a usually under 50 milliseconds rather then 1,500 milliseconds for satellite. Our connections work like a wireless DSL or T1 connection. You may use your DESKTOP or NETWORK up to 10 devices. Business accounts contact us for pricing if you need more than 10 devices. VPNs work great. VOIP plans like Vonage and Skype work also (we even have our own VOIP plan). All broadband plans include up to 10 Email addresses free under with Web Mail and support for almost any email client, or you can use any existing e-mail account you already have.

Our service does NOT use the cellular network, a wireless hot-spot roaming plan, or satellite. No wires, telephone lines or cellular accounts are needed. Games, remote control software, etc. all work. Sign up now and schedule your installation.

If we receive enough applications for areas outside of our current coverage area, we will consider expanding coverage to those areas as well. Please fill out and application if you desire service anywhere in Fremont or Park Counties.

For a current coverage area map, click here. We'll use the information you provide on the form below to determine if the signal at your location will be strong enough for service.



  • Submit a request for service using the form below. There is no charge if we can not complete your installation within our performance guidelines.

  • If you have any questions and would like someone to contact you, please fill out the form below. Thank you.

No money will be collected until we know we can provide reliable service to your location.
A street address is required. If this is new construction, directions to your address is always helpful.


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ADD UNLIMITED BUSINESS TELEPHONE SERVICE FOR JUST $39.95 per month! No copper wires. No Century Link circuit required. You can call within the US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories and Canada anytime, for one incredible price! In addition, this service provides you with an incredible amount of business calling features. Ask for details.

NO LONG LATENCY: Satellite has a 1,500 millisecond delay from your computer, up and back. That's 1.5 SECONDS. You can not play games or operate a VPN or VOIP account over a satellite connection. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Our circuits have a 6 millisecond wireless traverse time from the local radio to our Canon City gateway.(375 times quicker). Yes, VPNs and gaming work!

What's a mbps?: mbps stands for megabits per second. There are 8 bits (the zero and ones of binary code) in every typed character. Plus TCP/IP protocol that controls the sending and receiving adds a start and stop bit. So every character has 10 bits. A 1 million character text document, therefore, has 10 million bits of information and at 1 million bits per second, would transfer across the network in 10 seconds. Pictures, videos, sound, all use binary code. A photograph you send that is 4 million megaBYTES (a byte is 8 bits), so it would be 40 megaBITS, would transfer across the network in 40 seconds at 1mbps, 20 seconds at 2mbps, 10 seconds at 4mbps. See how that goes? So the bandwidth you chose determines how fast larger files transfer to you. In most cases, unless you are doing large 100mbyte X-Ray files, users are very happy with 3mbps and 4mbps circuits.

NO CAP on Downloads: We do NOT limit the amount of download capacity. Cellular and satellite providers put a monthly cap on how much you can download and then cut your speed down to under 200kbps, or even 56kbps, if you exceed that limit in any month!! Yikes. That can mess you up big time. We do not do that.

MULTIPLE USERS: You can add multiple devices under one account. Connect your laptop(s) and home computer(s) and share one connection without paying extra for each device. Corporate accounts can connect up to 10 workstations under one connection including VOIP.

REMOTE MONITORING OKAY: You can add temperature, pressure, flow, weather and other continuous monitor devices, which are restricted on other services.

USE VOIP for your Telephone service: You can use Vonage, Packet8, Skype and others (we also offer our own provider service). NO telephone fees to Qwest. Works with any standard telephone, even a PBX, right over your wireless connection to our tower.

Using another fixed wireless broadband provider?
Switch to our fixed wireless broadband service and get bonus rebates for switching!
(Proof of current service required. Call for details.)

Residential VOIP Flyer | Residential VOIP Services
Business VOIP Flyer | Business VOIP Features

NOW for areas between Penrose and West Pueblo! - If you are West of Stone City Road and north of Power Line Road, we can provide service there now.
Shared Access
be your own local provider
retail malls
High-speed Internet service that you provide. Become your own wireless provider! Share it with other users as far as 4 miles away. Your location can be residential or business, in a motel or sub-division, an office complex, retail mall, or out way in nowhere.

We install a wireless back-haul or a wired T1 circuit and set up a host access point and a high-gain antenna on a high point (rooftop or other sturdy structure) that can "see" the other locations. Everyone else then installs antennas and slave equipment (radio and antenna) on their premises. The cost for the wired line varies by location, but can be as low as $420/month. With 6 users, that's only $70/month for your own dedicated 1.5Mb access. Since a T1 is dedicated and has quality-of-service agreements, the circuits usually get 30ms to 50ms coast-to-coast round trip packet travel, which is very fast, so the circuit behaves faster then a higher speed cable or DSL line. VOIP and gaming is no problem at all. These are the same kinds of circuits that ISPs use on their backbones. If you can get more users, the cost per user goes down more. We'll assist on-site in helping you set this up and provide telephone and email support. Base station cost should be around $600 and remote equipment around $350. This is a superb way to manage your own access and be completely independent of local providers, while helping your neighbors, your business, or your customers obtain high-speed service.

Own a camp grounds or motel? Ask about our plans for setting up low cost service for all your rooms or sites so you can advertise "High-Speed Internet" for your location.

We suggest you try and find at least 5 or 6 people first before you look into this any farther. Once you have committed users, please contact us and we'll explain how to proceed.
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Satellite Internet If we are unable to providet DSL or Fixed Wireless Broadband for your location, satellite is the only other high-speed solution other then a copper T1 or DS3. Satellites can see almost all users who have clear vision to the South, unless you butt up against a mountain. large building, rock outcroppings, trees, etc. We suggest that you fill out the pre-registration for fixed wireless broadband service if you can wait for service.

If you have clear vision of the Southern sky, you can receive high speed Internet via geo-stationary satellites.

Since the satellites are 23,000 miles away, it takes 1.5 SECONDS for a data packet to make a round trip, giving delays that affect gaming, remote control software, VOIP, etc. Satellite works well for office email and browsing or for home use, . It does not work well for games, remote control (such as PCAnywhere, or any programs where you have to wait for the result of a keystroke before you can press another key) and certainly not for VPNs.

In addition, we offer COMMERCIAL GRADE satellite from Huges Networks. These are high-power, dedicated satellite links designed for business use. These are not like the consumer grade connections mentioned above. Speeds as high as 5Mbps (cable speeds or fractional DS3) are available at the cost of DSL or a T1. A 1.5mbps connection is about $150 per month and a 5Mbps connection is about $750 per month. These are perfect for remote corporate locations. There is an equipment cost of about $1200 for a standard equipment, including the physical install. Like all satellite connections though, VPNs will not perform will due to the high latency time.

Call or e-mail us and ask what you can and can't do if you are not sure.

FIBER Service FIBER service is dedicated wire-line service. Highly reliable, noise-free, secure. For critical applications and business use. It will provide reliable FULL DUPLEX service both ways on a dedicated fiber circuit for data and VOIP. Prices in Fremont County will vary depending on your location. These prices INCLUDE Local Loop Fees. Always make sure you are totaling up the circuit charge and the loop fee. If you need high-speed Internet for your business, need to control remote devices, use VPN (private) connections, do VOIP (voice over IP), monitor surveillance video, etc., and DSL, cable or fixed wireless service is not available to your location, we will almost always be able to install a T1 line (or a faster connection) for you.
   See if you qualify for Business Class DSL, cable, or Wireless Broadband first. If not, or if you have more demanding requirements, we can discuss wired T1 service (or faster) and even multiple bonded T1s or DS3 class service if fiber is not in your area. We work with all the major carriers and are carrier independent, so we can bring you the best deal possible from companies that can provide high-quality service.

NOTE: We have back-hauls from Colorado Springs available for $750 per month including port and loop. Our fixed wireless service can provide speeds faster then a T1 for all users in our coverage area.

for more information ...

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DS3 Service High-speed business class data lines for large quantities of data, such as Web hosting, EMail, image transfer (radiology, advertising, laboratory, research, etc.), voice, audio. These are hard wired, dedicated circuits. DS3 pricing has dropped in price significantly. We are seeing 15Mbps ports in the $1600 range and 45Mbps ports under $3,000. Call or Email for a proposal.
We are relocating our main office to Canon City. As a future neighbor, we look forward to meeting with all our customers and providing the excellent support and service we've been known for since 1994.

We do have resale programs available for qualifed participants. You can earn commissions on the sale of broadband services, wireless access, voice calling, long distance, conferencing, and more. We also have programs available for the resale of wireless broadband for dealers that will require no infrastructure build-out costs. Please call 1-800-365-7084 x101 for more details.

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